Patient experiences

Vertigo: the most common patient complaints

Feelings of vertigo are dependent on the individual and the type of condition. Here are some of the main sensations experienced by patients with vertigo and balance disorders:

• "Rotatory vertigo: everything around me spins, I have nausea and vomiting".

• "I feel permanently unsteady".

• "Feelings of drunkenness « without the euphoria » even though I never drink alcohol".

• "When I lean forward, I feel like everything is spinning and I have to stand up straight."

• "When I tip my head back I feel like I'm going to faint."

• "I am permanently off balance when I walk".

• "Suddenly, I felt pressure and buzzing in my ear and I became dizzy".

• "When I’m walking, I have the impression that the ground is swallowing me up".

• "When I turn my head too fast, my vision is blurred".

• "I had sudden abdominal pain and nausea, I got up and vomited, everything around me was spinning. I thought I had gastroenteritis."

• "It's like I'm seasick all the time."

• "I feel like I am being thrown to one side and I lose my balance."

• "I stagger when I walk."

• "These seizures can occur at any time of the day and are usually associated with a feeling of things moving around me and a loss of balance. Most of the time, these attacks confine me to bed for three days: even when bedridden, I am completely unable to focus on an object.”

Patients reviews about vertigos and treatments (in french only)